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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Statement of findings and declaration of purpose
Vehicle & Traffic (VAT) CHAPTER 71, TITLE 5, ARTICLE 21
§ 520. Statement of findings and declaration of purpose. The
ever-increasing number of accidents, personal injuries and deaths
resulting from alcohol or drug-related traffic offenses is a matter of
great concern to the legislature. The diminished perception of
intoxicated and impaired operators of motor vehicles presents a constant
and intolerable threat to the lives and well-being of the citizens of
the state. Efforts aimed at alleviating this threat have proven
inadequate. The public interest in the cause of highway safety will be
well served by the implementation of a permanent program of
rehabilitation for those operators convicted of alcohol or drug-related
traffic offenses and certain operators who have been adjudicated
youthful offenders for alcohol or drug-related traffic offenses. The
commissioner of motor vehicles should have the authority to offer to
such operators an opportunity for rehabilitation, thereby reducing the
threat aimed at themselves and the people of the state.