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This entry was published on 2019-01-11
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SECTION 10-1020
Abolition of fire department; employment of paid firefighters
Village (VIL) CHAPTER 64, ARTICLE 10
§ 10-1020 Abolition of fire department; employment of paid
firefighters. The board of trustees of any village may, by resolution,
abolish, in whole or in part, the fire department in such village, which
action of the board of trustees shall be subject to a permissive
referendum as defined in this chapter; if such fire department is
abolished, all the money and property of such department shall be turned
over by the officers of such department or by the fire commissioners to
the board of trustees within ten days after service of notice on such
officers or commissioners of the action of the board of trustees. Or,
the board of trustees may, by resolution, determine that one or more
firefighters shall be employed to act with such voluntary department and
may fix the salary of such firefighters; the board of trustees may also
determine that such paid firefighters shall have charge of all apparatus
and other equipment and that the voluntary department shall act under
the orders of such paid firefighter or firefighters.