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This entry was published on 2016-08-26
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Village officers
§ 3-301 Village officers. 1. Every village shall have the following

a. a mayor;

b. four trustees, except that the board of trustees of a village may
change the number of trustees as authorized by section 3-304 of this

c. a treasurer;

d. a clerk.

2. Any village may have the following officers:

a. except as provided in section 3-303 of this article, no more than
two village justices, but in the event a village has one justice, it
shall also have an associate justice who shall serve when requested by
the village justice or in the absence or inability of the village
justice to serve. The office of village justice is continued in every
village in which it is now established. The board of trustees of any
other village may establish such office by resolution or local law,
subject to a permissive referendum. The board of trustees of any village
by resolution or local law, subject to permissive referendum, may
abolish such office, but to take effect only upon the expiration of the
then current term of such office, or establish the office of additional
village justices, which justice once elected shall have all the powers
and duties of a village justice. The resolution or local law in the
latter case shall provide for a term pursuant to section 3-302 of this
article. The clerk of the court of a village shall be discharged from
employment only upon the advice and consent of the village justice or
justices when the clerk, in his or her village duties, works solely for
the village justice or justices.

b. assessor or assessors, provided, however, that the board of
trustees by resolution or local law may consolidate the offices of
clerk, treasurer, and assessor or any two of such offices. The board of
trustees may also determine, by local law or resolution, that such board
of trustees shall act as the board of assessors or may appoint such
board from their members. Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of
this paragraph, a village which has enacted a local law as provided in
subdivision three of section fourteen hundred two of the real property
tax law shall not have an assessor or assessors in any year in which
such local law is in effect.

c. such other officers, including deputies, as the board of trustees
shall determine, provided, however, that the board of trustees by
resolution or local law may consolidate the offices of deputy clerk, and
deputy treasurer.

3. The mayor, trustees and village justices shall be elective
officers. All other officers shall be appointed by the mayor, subject
to the approval of the board of trustees.

4. The mayor and the trustees of a village shall constitute the board
of trustees thereof.

5. A person who has been convicted of a felony pursuant to the laws of
this state or who has been convicted in federal court or in another
state for a crime or offense that would constitute a felony under the
laws of this state shall be permanently ineligible to be a candidate for
village justice or to be appointed or continue to hold such office.