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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Village (VIL) CHAPTER 64

Section 11-1100 Contracts for water supply.

11-1102 Resolution for establishment of water works.

11-1104 Acquisition of existing system.

11-1106 Establishment of water works.

11-1108 Supervision and extension of system.

11-1110 Water pipes in highways outside of village.

11-1112 Connection with mains.

11-1114 Alternative provision for connections with mains.

11-1116 Rules, regulations, and local laws.

11-1118 Establishment of water rents.

11-1120 Supplying water outside of corporate limits.

11-1122 Outside extension of mains.

11-1124 Contracts for purchase and sale of water.

11-1126 Water mains connecting with reservoirs of New York city.

11-1128 Sale or lease of water supply and distribution system.