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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Village (VIL) CHAPTER 64

Section 14-1400 Establishment of sewerage system.

14-1402 Extension of sewerage systems beyond village limits and

acquisition of property therefor.

14-1404 Use by the state, individuals and corporations outside

corporate limits.

14-1406 Construction of a sewerage system at expense of village.

14-1408 Establishment or enlargement of sewage treatment plant.

14-1410 Construction of sewerage system at joint expense of

village and of property benefited.

14-1414 Contracts for construction of system.

14-1416 Apportionment of local assessment.

14-1418 Appeal from apportionment.

14-1420 Hearing of appeal.

14-1422 Reapportionment.

14-1424 Procedure by new commissioners.

14-1426 Fees of commissioners.

14-1428 Expense of construction; how raised.

14-1430 Tax for unpaid assessments.

14-1432 Levy of taxes and assessments to pay bonds issued for a

sewerage system.

14-1434 Assessments from year to year to pay bond maturities.

14-1436 Contracts with other municipalities, sewer districts, et


14-1438 Sewer connections.