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This entry was published on 2019-01-11
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Repair or replacement of prosthetic devices
Volunteer Firefighters' Benefit (VOL) CHAPTER 64-A, ARTICLE 2
§ 11-a. Repair or replacement of prosthetic devices. If, as a result
of services performed in line of duty, a volunteer firefighter damages
or loses any prosthetic devices required to be worn or used by him or
her, whether or not he or she is injured, such prosthetic device shall
be repaired, or replaced in the discretion of the workers' compensation
board, and necessary medical, surgical or other attendance or treatment,
nurse and hospital service, in connection therewith shall be furnished,
in the same manner as a prosthetic device would be furnished, replaced
or repaired and treatment and care provided under the provisions of
section sixteen of this chapter. Damage to or loss of a prosthetic
device shall be deemed an injury, except that no disability benefits
shall be payable with respect to such injury under sections eight, nine,
ten and eleven of this chapter. The term "prosthetic device" as used in
this section includes an artificial limb, artificial eye, eyeglasses,
contact lens, hearing aid, denture or dental appliance or any surgical
appliance required to be worn or used by the volunteer firefighter, but
shall not include shoes or any other article considered as ordinary
wearing apparel, whether or not specially constructed.