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This entry was published on 2019-01-11
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Previous disability
Volunteer Firefighters' Benefit (VOL) CHAPTER 64-A, ARTICLE 2
§ 14. Previous disability. The fact that a volunteer firefighter has
suffered previous disability or received benefits therefor as provided
in section two hundred five of the general municipal law, the workers'
compensation law, or this chapter shall not preclude him or her from
benefits for a later injury nor preclude death benefits for death
resulting therefrom; provided, however, that a volunteer firefighter who
is suffering from a previous disability shall not receive benefits for a
later injury in excess of the benefits allowed for such injury when
considered by itself and not in conjunction with the previous
disability. Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of this section, if
a volunteer firefighter has previously incurred permanent partial
disability through the loss or loss of use of one hand, one arm, one
foot, one leg, or one eye, and suffers the loss or loss of use of
another such major member or eye, he or she may be adjudged permanently
totally disabled and receive benefits for permanent total disability as
provided in section eight of this chapter.