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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Reports of injuries, claims and proceedings
Volunteer Firefighters' Benefit (VOL) CHAPTER 64-A, ARTICLE 4
§ 42. Reports of injuries, claims and proceedings. If an injury is one
for which an insurance carrier might be liable under a contract of
insurance or a county plan of self-insurance might be required to pay,
the officer to whom a notice of injury is required to be delivered or
mailed and with whom the claim in relation to such injury is required to
be filed under the provisions of this chapter shall send a copy of such
notice and claim and a copy of any notice of a proceeding relating to an
injury or claim to such insurance carrier or county plan of
self-insurance, as the case may be, promptly after receiving the same.
The political subdivision liable for the payment of benefits under this
chapter shall keep such records and make such reports to the chairman of
the workmen's compensation board as required by section one hundred ten
of the workmen's compensation law, which by section fifty-seven of this
chapter is made applicable to this chapter. Failure to comply with the
provisions of this section shall not relieve such an insurance carrier
of liability or a county plan of self-insurance from its obligation to