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This entry was published on 2019-01-11
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References to workers' compensation law
Volunteer Firefighters' Benefit (VOL) CHAPTER 64-A, ARTICLE 5
§ 70. References to workers' compensation law. Where the provisions of
any section or part of any section of the workers' compensation law are
made applicable to this chapter and are incorporated herein by
reference, the following terms used in such provisions of the workers'
compensation law shall have the following meanings when read in
connection with this chapter:

1. "Accident" means "injury" as defined in this chapter.

2. "Dependent husband" means the "surviving spouse" of a firefighter,
as defined in this chapter.

3. "Employee" means a volunteer firefighter who has been or might be
injured in line of duty or who dies or might die from the effects of
such an injury.

4. "Employment" means service of a volunteer firefighter in line of

5. "Employer" means the political subdivision liable for payment of
financial benefits pursuant to this chapter.

6. "Injury" means "injury" as defined in this chapter.

7. "Injured workman" means injured volunteer firefighter.

8. "Insurance carrier" means "insurance carrier" as defined in this

9. "Same employ" means the same fire department or fire company, or in
the same service for a political subdivision, or district or area
thereof, pursuant to a call for assistance.

10. "Workers' compensation" means the benefits payable to a volunteer
firefighter or his or her dependents pursuant to this chapter, including
medical treatment and care, except when a different meaning obviously is
Where any such section is so made applicable and is so incorporated, and
there is a reference therein to another section or provision of the
workers' compensation law which also has been made applicable to this
chapter, such reference shall be deemed to include the applicable
section or provision of this chapter if such inclusion is consistent
with the provisions of this chapter.