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This entry was published on 2016-04-08
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Modification of board decisions or orders
Workers' Compensation (WKC) CHAPTER 67, ARTICLE 9
§ 223. Modification of board decisions or orders. Upon its own motion
or upon the application of any party in interest, the board may at any
time review any decision or order regarding disability benefits and, on
such review, may make a decision ending, diminishing or increasing the
disability benefits previously ordered, and shall state the reason
therefor. Upon the filing of such decision regarding disability
benefits, the chair shall send to each of the parties a copy thereof. No
such review shall affect any previous decision as regards any moneys
regarding disability benefits already paid, except that a decision
increasing the disability benefit rate may be made effective from date
of commencement of disability, and except that, if any part of the
disability benefits due is unpaid, a decision decreasing the disability
benefit rate may be made effective from the commencement of disability,
and any payments made prior thereto in excess of such decreased rate
shall be deducted from future disability benefits in such manner and by
such method as may be determined by the board.