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Posting of notice and providing of notice of rights
Workers' Compensation (WKC) CHAPTER 67, ARTICLE 9
§ 229. Posting of notice and providing of notice of rights. 1. Each
covered employer shall post and maintain in a conspicuous place or
places in and about the employer's place or places of business
typewritten or printed notices in form prescribed by the chair, stating
that the employer has provided for the payment of disability and family
leave benefits as required by this article. The chair may require any
covered employer to furnish a written statement at any time showing the
carrier insuring the payment of benefits under this article or the
manner in which such employer has complied with section two hundred
eleven of this article or any other provision of this article. Failure
for a period of ten days to furnish such written statement shall
constitute presumptive evidence that such employer has neglected or
failed in respect of any of the matters so required.

2. Whenever an employee of a covered employer who is eligible for
benefits under section two hundred four of this article shall be absent
from work due to a disability or to provide family leave as defined in
subdivision nine and subdivision fifteen respectively, of section two
hundred one of this article for more than seven consecutive days, the
employer shall provide the employee with a written statement of the
employee's rights under this article in a form prescribed by the chair.
The statement shall be provided to the employee within five business
days after the employee's seventh consecutive day of absence due to
disability or family leave or within five business days after the
employer has received notice that the employee's absence is due to
disability or family leave, whichever is later.