1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Workers' Compensation
  4. Article 10: Workmen's Compensation Act For Civil Defense Volunteers

Section 301 Declaration of policy and legislative intent

Workers' Compensation (WKC)

The president of the United States on December sixteenth, nineteen hundred fifty, proclaimed a state of national emergency. The governor of this state, in a special message to the legislature on January eighth, nineteen hundred fifty-one, recommended a program for the defense of the people of our state and the safeguarding of property against attack. In order to make effective necessary measures of civil defense, many of our citizens will voluntarily undertake to perform civil defense duties and may, in the event of attack, be exposed to injury in the performance of authorized civil defense duties they voluntarily assumed as a patriotic service for the common good.

  Those who volunteer to perform civil defense duties deserve some protection for themselves and their families in the event that disability or death should be incurred while they are performing these duties. No such benefits have yet been provided by the federal government. Accordingly it is hereby declared to be the intent of the legislature that special workmen's compensation benefits, as provided in this article, should be made available for civil defense volunteers in this state.