1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Workers' Compensation
  4. Article 10: Workmen's Compensation Act For Civil Defense Volunteers

Section 325 Administration expenses

Workers' Compensation (WKC)

The entire expense of administering this article shall be paid out of the special fund and charged thereto.

  At least thirty days prior to the first days of April and October in each year, the chairman shall submit to the director of the budget for his approval an estimated budget of expenditures for the succeeding six months. In the event of attack within the state for which civil defense volunteers are mobilized or outside the state if, in accordance with a mutual aid agreement approved by the New York state civil defense commission, civil defense volunteers of any local office respond to a request for assistance, the chairman shall prepare and submit to the director of the budget for his approval an estimated budget of expenditures for funds to be allocated to the board during the period of emergency. There may not be expended for purposes of such administration more than the amounts specified in such budget for each item of expenditure, except as authorized by the director of the budget. The funds so allocated by the director of the budget shall be available to the workmen's compensation board for services and expenses, including travel outside the state, to carry out the provisions of this article and shall be paid from the treasury on audit and warrant of the comptroller on vouchers approved by the chairman, vice chairman or secretary of the board. If there be officers or employees of the board whose duties relate partly to the general work of the board and partly to such administration, and in case there is other expense which is incurred jointly on behalf of the general work of the board and to such administration, an equitable apportionment of the expense shall be made and the part thereof which is applicable to administration as provided in this article shall be chargeable thereto.