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This entry was published on 2020-01-10
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Posting of notice regarding compensation
Workers' Compensation (WKC) CHAPTER 67, ARTICLE 4
§ 51. Posting of notice regarding compensation. Every employer who has
complied with section fifty of this article shall post and maintain in a
conspicuous place or places in and about his place or places of business
typewritten or printed in English and Spanish notices in form prescribed
by the chairman, stating the fact that he has complied with all the
rules and regulations of the chairman and the board and that he has
secured the payment of compensation to his employees and their
dependents in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, but
failure to post such notice as herein provided shall not in any way
affect the exclusiveness of the remedy provided for by section eleven of
this chapter. Every employer who owns or operates automotive or
horse-drawn vehicles and has no minimum staff of regular employees
required to report for work at an established place of business
maintained by such employer and every employer who is engaged in the
business of moving household goods or furniture shall post such notices
in each and every vehicle owned or operated by him. Failure to post or
maintain such notice in any of said vehicles shall constitute
presumptive evidence that such employer has failed to secure the payment
of compensation. The chairman may require any employer to furnish a
written statement at any time showing the stock corporation, mutual
corporation or reciprocal insurer in which such employer is insured or
the manner in which such employer has complied with any provision of
this chapter. Failure for a period of ten days to furnish such written
statement shall constitute presumptive evidence that such employer has
neglected or failed in respect of any of the matters so required. Any
employer who fails to comply with the provisions of this section shall
be required to pay to the board a fine of five hundred dollars for each
violation, in addition to any other penalties imposed by law to be
deposited into the uninsured employers' fund.