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Administration of plan
Workers' Compensation (WKC) CHAPTER 67, ARTICLE 5
§ 64. Administration of plan. 1. The board of supervisors shall by
local law provide for the administration of the plan, such plan to be
administered by either a committee or an administrator. Any county
officer or employee or other person may be appointed to such committee
or act as administrator, or be appointed or employed by such committee
or administrator. The committee or administrator may employ, subject to
the approval of the board of supervisors, such persons as may be deemed
necessary for the operation of the plan, and may contract for necessary
actuarial, or other expert or professional services. Members of the
committee or the administrator, and all other officers and employees of
the plan, shall receive such salary or other remuneration, payable from
moneys of the plan, as shall be fixed by the board of supervisors.
Notwithstanding the provisions of any other law, a county officer or
employee, other than a member of the board of supervisors, in addition
to his salary as such officer or employee, may be compensated as a
member of such committee, as such administrator, or as an officer or
employee of the plan.

2. The county treasurer shall be the custodian of all moneys of the
plan. Such moneys shall be accounted for as a separate fund to be known
as the county self-insurance fund, and shall be deposited in a bank or
trust company designated in the manner provided by law as a depositary
of moneys of the county. Disbursements of such moneys, except for
payment of fixed salaries, shall be made only upon order of the
committee or administrator, as the case may be. Compensation may be paid
upon such order to persons entitled thereto in the manner provided in
section twenty-five of this chapter. The amount of compensation payable
prior to an award pursuant to such order shall constitute a settled
claim within the meaning of the local finance law. Books, records and
papers of the plan shall be subject to examination and audit as provided
in section two hundred ten of the county law.

3. The county attorney shall be legal advisor to the plan and it shall
be his duty to represent the plan in all controversies. In addition, the
county attorney may engage subject to the approval of the board of
supervisors, counsel in respect to any particular subject matter,
proceeding or litigation, in which event the expense of engaging such
special counsel shall be charged as an administrative expense of the