Paying tribute to Alan and Sandra Gerry as they are honored by the Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan on April 29, 2010

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LEGISLATIVE RESOLUTION paying tribute to Alan and Sandra Gerry as they
are honored by the Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan at its
10th Anniversary Celebration on April 29, 2010

WHEREAS, Individuals who distinguish themselves in their profession and
in service to their community merit the highest commendation; and
WHEREAS, Attendant to such concern, and in full accord with its long-
standing traditions, this Legislative Body is justly proud to pay trib-
ute to Alan and Sandra Gerry as they are honored by the Community Foun-
dation of Orange and Sullivan at its 10th Anniversary Celebration, to be
held at Anthony's Pier 9 in New Windsor, New York on April 29, 2010; and
WHEREAS, The Gerry Foundation and Sullivan Renaissance, inseparable
from this distinguished couple, will also be honored by the Community
Foundation on this special occasion; and
WHEREAS, Alan Gerry, a proud veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, was the
founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Cablevision Industries
Corporation (CVI); after nearly four decades in the cable television
business, he directed the nation's largest privately owned cable compa-
ny, operating 64 cable systems in 18 states, with over 1.3 million
subscribers at year-end 1995, and employing more than 2,500 people; and
WHEREAS, One of the first entrepreneurs to respond to demands for a
greater number of channels and improved reception in areas where off-air
television reception was unsatisfactory due to topography or remoteness
from broadcast towers, a true cable pioneer, Alan Gerry built his first
such "classic" cable television system in 1956 in Liberty, New York,
where he still maintains his corporate offices; and
WHEREAS, Alan Gerry, even as the company grew significantly, insisted
that CVI remain in close touch with its subscribers providing consist-
ently outstanding customer service which routinely surpassed industry
standards; and
WHEREAS, A pioneer from a technical standpoint as well, being among
the first to use fiber, his innovative use of microwave technology
helped make large-area rural cable systems economical and extended
cable's reach; and
WHEREAS, Recognizing the market demands for enhanced media products
and the constantly changing dynamics of the telecommunications land-
scape, Alan Gerry merged CVI with Time Warner, the nation's second larg-
est cable operator, on January 4, 1996; and
WHEREAS, One of the nation's entrepreneurial leaders, in 1996 he
founded Granite Associates, L.P., a private investment company of which
he continues to serve as Chairman and C.E.O.; and
WHEREAS, Subsequent to the establishment of Granite Associates, Alan
Gerry created a foundation which bears his family's name, the Gerry
Foundation, with one of its principal goals being the revitalization of
the economy of Sullivan County; one of its first initiatives in 1996 was
the purchase of the property where the original Woodstock Festival was
held in 1969 and several hundred surrounding acres for the purpose of
building an arts and entertainment complex which has, as he and his wife
Sandra intended, attracted visitors from around the world; and
WHEREAS, Alan Gerry has, fittingly, been honored many times by a wide
variety of organizations and institutions in recognition and appreci-
ation of his outstanding professional accomplishments and for his
involvement and support of numerous community and charitable causes; and
WHEREAS, Alan Gerry serves on the Board of Trustees of Syracuse
University and of the Guthrie Health Care System in Sayre, Pennsylvania
and the National Cable Center; Catskill Regional Medical Center; the
Paul Gerry Dialysis Center at the Robert Packer Hospital, established in

honor of his late brother; the Alan Gerry Chair of Orthopedic Surgery at
Harvard Medical School; the Alan Gerry Endowed Scholar Program at Massa-
chusetts General Hospital and the Alan and Sandra Gerry Metastasis
Research Center at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center are among the
many worthy programs, organizations and causes which have benefited from
his interest, involvement and generous support; and
WHEREAS, Sandra Gerry, an educator and former teacher, began Sullivan
Renaissance in the belief that residents can enhance the appearance of
Sullivan County while building community pride and spirit; and
WHEREAS, Now entering its tenth year, under her leadership, Sullivan
Renaissance has grown into a year-round community development program
involving thousands of volunteers from all of Sullivan County's 15
towns; in addition to grants for beautification efforts, Sullivan
Renaissance has programs which work directly with municipalities, busi-
nesses and seasonal communities in addition to its monthly educational
seminars and Summer internship programs for youth; and
WHEREAS, In 2007 Sullivan Renaissance initiated a "green focus" bring-
ing together organizations and businesses which have been working on
sustainable development and environmental needs; its innovative initi-
atives have included the installation of solar lampposts, the testing of
alternative energy vehicles and the development of community vegetable
gardens in non-traditional neighborhoods; and
WHEREAS, In addition to beautification and environmental efforts,
Sandra Gerry has been a valued and integral part of the Sullivan County
Community College Foundation's scholarship fund and its Annual Scholar-
ship Benefit Gala; and
WHEREAS, Sandra Gerry is also Director of Allocations for the Beaver-
kill Foundation established by Alan and Sandra Gerry to assist charita-
ble causes in Sullivan County; she serves, as well, on the board of the
Gerry Foundation, Inc., the family foundation established in part to
benefit the county economy by successfully developing the world class
performing arts center, Bethel Woods, at the site of the original Wood-
stock Festival in Bethel; and
WHEREAS, Individuals, such as Alan and Sandra Gerry, who have given
unstintingly of their time, leadership and support are an asset beyond
remuneration and cannot be sufficiently extolled; and
WHEREAS, Rare indeed is the impressive dedication shown by individuals
for the benefit of others which Alan and Sandra Gerry have displayed
throughout their lives; they exemplify the true spirit of the Community
Foundation of Orange and Sullivan and merit the recognition of all the
people of the State of New York; now, therefore, be it
RESOLVED, That this Legislative Body pause in its deliberations to pay
tribute to Alan and Sandra Gerry as they are honored by the Community
Foundation of Orange and Sullivan at its 10th Anniversary Celebration on
April 29, 2010; and be it further
RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution, suitably engrossed, be tran-
smitted to Alan and Sandra Gerry.


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  • 20 / Apr / 2010
  • 20 / Apr / 2010

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