Honoring Rabbi Dr. David S. Halpern and Rebittzen Sheila Halpern after 60 years of dedicated leadership to the Flatbush Park Jewish Center

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LEGISLATIVE RESOLUTION honoring Rabbi Dr. David S. Halpern and Rebittzen
Sheila Halpern after 60 years of dedicated leadership to the Flatbush
Park Jewish Center, Brooklyn, New York, to be celebrated on May 20, 2012

WHEREAS, The character and richness of religious and community life in
this noble Empire State is nourished and fulfilled through the faithful
concern and selfless devotion of those who would commit their energies
and purpose to the ministry of others; and
WHEREAS, It is the sense of this Legislative Body to bring full recog-
nition and just tribute to those individuals who distinguish themselves
and the ministry through their unremitting commitment and preeminence of
service; and
WHEREAS, This Legislative Body is justly proud to honor Rabbi Dr.
David S. Halpern and Rebittzen Sheila Halpern after 60 years of dedi-
cated leadership to the Flatbush Park Jewish Center, Brooklyn, New York,
to be recognized at its 60th Anniversary celebration on Sunday, May 20,
2012; and
WHEREAS, The Flatbush Park Jewish Center was founded in 1952, by Rabbi
Dr. David S. Halpern; and
WHEREAS, During his tenure, he has guided and overseen the development
from humble beginnings in storefronts on Mill Avenue and later on Avenue
N, to its present prominence as one of the leading Orthodox Synagogues
in New York in the permanent Synagogue/Jewish Center complex on Avenue
U; and
WHEREAS, With approximately 400 family members, the congregation
actively supports Torah, religious and social programs in Mill Basin as
well as New York City and Israel; and
WHEREAS, Rabbi Dr. David S. Halpern graduated from Yeshiva College in
1949, and was ordained by Rabbi Samuel Belkin, Rabbi Joseph B. Solo-
veitchick and Rabbi Moshe Shatzkes, of the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Rabbini-
cal Seminary of Yeshiva University in 1952; and
WHEREAS, Later that year, he was called to the pulpit which he still
occupies in the Flatbush Park Jewish Center; in 1982, he was awarded the
Doctor of Divinity Degree, Honoris Causa, recognizing his successful
building, spiritually and physically, of both the Center and the commu-
nity; and
WHEREAS, In 1952, Rabbi Dr. David S. Halpern, single and newly
ordained by the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary at Yeshiva
University, took what he thought was a temporary pulpit in a pioneer
Brooklyn Jewish community later to be named Mill Basin; and
WHEREAS, Congregants met in a store on Avenue N; a daily minyan was
hard to come by, but families were steadily trickling into the area from
such fading Jewish areas as Brownsville and East New York; and
WHEREAS, The congregants, many of them World War II veterans from
Orthodox backgrounds, were drawn to the neighborhood by affordable
homes; 50 years later, the congregation has grown into the 600-member
Flatbush Park Jewish Center, with a sprawling, four-building complex on
Avenue U, numerous youth programs, an affiliated yeshiva and several
separate daily and Shabbat minyans; and
WHEREAS, Rabbi Dr. David S. Halpern married the former Sheila
Lifshutz, and together they raised three wonderful children, Neil, Risa
and Beth; and
WHEREAS, In addition to his service to the Flatbush Park Jewish
Center, Rabbi Dr. David S. Halpern served as a Chaplain in the 71st
Infantry of the 42nd Division of the National Guard for 10 years, and
sits on the New York Board of Rabbis; and

WHEREAS, Since its inception, the Flatbush Park Jewish Center has been
a symbol of hope and prosperity in the Mill Basin Jewish community,
serving a diverse group of worshipers including seniors, professionals,
and the recently organized young families division; and
WHEREAS, Together, Rabbi Dr. David S. Halpern and his loving wife,
Sheila Halpern have faithfully served as spiritual leaders for the past
six decades, making their tenure both extraordinary and historic accom-
plishments; and
WHEREAS, Under his spiritual guidance, the Flatbush Park Jewish Center
has grown to approximately 1,000 Jewish families, and serves not only as
a place of worship but also for religious study, social gathering and
community service; and
WHEREAS, This distinguished man of God has always given enlightenment,
guidance and wisdom to the many entrusted to his care and has adminis-
tered abundantly and unstintingly to the spiritual and corporal needs of
all; and
WHEREAS, It is the custom of this Legislative Body that when a person
of such noble aims and accomplishments is brought to our attention it is
appropriate to publicly and jubilantly proclaim and commend that indi-
vidual for the edification of others; now, therefore, be it
RESOLVED, That this Legislative Body pause in its deliberations to
honor Rabbi Dr. David S. Halpern and Rebittzen Sheila Halpern after 60
years of dedicated leadership to the Flatbush Park Jewish Center, Brook-
lyn, New York, noting their unremitting and compassionate faith and
their exemplary service to God, man, and their community, and extending
to them the heartfelt best wishes of this Legislative Body for a future
of purposeful success and well-being; and be it further
RESOLVED, That copies of this Resolution, suitably engrossed, be tran-
smitted to Rabbi Dr. David S. Halpern and Rebittzen Sheila Halpern.


  • 02 / May / 2012
  • 08 / May / 2012
  • 08 / May / 2012

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