Honoring the West Genesee Marching Band upon the occasion of capturing the 2012 New York State Field Band Championship

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LEGISLATIVE RESOLUTION honoring the West Genesee Marching Band upon the
occasion of capturing the 2012 New York State Field Band Championship

WHEREAS, It is the sense of this Legislative Body to commend those
organizations of distinguished purpose that have been committed to the
pursuit of excellence and that bring great pride to the citizens of New
York State; and
WHEREAS, Attendant to such concern, and in full accord with its long-
standing traditions, this Legislative Body is justly proud to hereby
honor and recognize the West Genesee Marching Band upon the occasion of
winning the 2012 New York State Field Band Competition Championship; and
WHEREAS, The West Genesee Marching Band secured its 32nd Governor's
Cup, a remarkable accomplishment, with a first place finish in the
National Class of the 2012 New York State Field Band Conference Competi-
tion; and
WHEREAS, No marching band can succeed without outstanding talent
throughout its entire roster; such was the case for the West Genesee
Marching Band whose members include: Shawn Davern, Jillian Breault,
Elizabeth Hammond, Cady Martin, Megan Petty, Julia Herron, Allison Nave,
Michela Kahsay, Jordan Koster, Mackenzie Nish, Sarah O'Neil, Alexandria
Ptak, Jenna Cunningham, Logan McGuire, Lauren Salansky, Erin Dowler,
Toria Jernigan, Meghan Miller, Jillian Taylor, Alex Cerchia, Makayla
Fox, Madison Seamon, Claire Wenner, Lauren Reilly, Michael Dufresne,
Aidan Tracy, Mike Waters; Amanda De Sellems, Raymond Gillis, Megan
Kiggins, Sarah Devlin, Jackie Peterson, Claire Thomas, Sydney Bleecker,
Mackenzie Gross, Paul Neri, Nick Piato, Ryan Andrews; Chris Colbert,
Vince McCauley, Steven Munger, Harry Rein, Billy Viau, David Arends,
Connor Davie, Drew Loustanau, Steven Mirabito, Will Musengo; Allison
Sandefur, Brad Till, Tim Vallee, Chris Waters, Ben Wilson, Annika
Bergquist, Brian Fraser, Andrew Klaczko, Stefania Marzynski, James
Soper, Lisa Morabito, Caroline Spang, Ellen Smith; Matt Davern, Natalie
Pillion, Laura Zwerger, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Alec Macaluso, Nick Mulpagano,
Ben Myers, Michael Calascibetta, Ian Hart, Jeff Hotaling, Jon Kennedy;
Rob Michel, Bret Whaley, Megan MacLachlan, Nick Ross, Mark Boisseau,
John Buttner, Colin McCrea, Claire Michel, Erik Whalan, Jack Boulerice,
Peter Jolevski, Jonathon Ramsden, Louie Jolevski, Ian Potash, Joe Zollo,
Andrew Marotta, Roberto Ramos-Brito, Nick Bentley, Frank Bufano, Ryan
Cutler, Andrew Nave, Michael Pitzeruse, Ben Widrick, Alex Williams, Jake
Wojcik, James Ziobrowski, Luke Alberts, Sydney Baratta, Michael Klaczko,
Lexie White, Dan Corcoran, Celine Kristoff, Max Neimeier, PK White, Dana
Marie Kellog-Shafer, James Krisher, Jessica Mason, Rachel Munnett, Alys-
sa Purdy, Emily Rahrle, Hannah Savage, Nathan Grome, Dana Langevin,
Corey McCrea, Jessica Birchler, Erica Cerchia, Anna Fortais, Devyn
Ottman, Katherine Widrick, Timothy Gardner II, Jessy Boyce, Morgan Gaff-
ney, Allie Gettino, Amanda Jock, Camille Pensabene, Emma Ryan, Rosie
Sovocool, Chandrea Brown, Christine Campbell, Sara Capucilli, Samantha
Cherry, Rachael Elsey, Deirdre Garrison, Delaney O'Neil, Michaela Ander-
son, Monica Andrews, Christianna Braun, Caitlin Davie, Taylor Del Moral,
Joie-lyn Fox, Anna Fredette, Alex Goldych, Morgan LaVallee, Diana Pugh,
Becca Purdy, Jenna Rahrle, Haley Richardson, Kayla Smith, Liz Stanis-
treet, Meghan Vallee, Karen Awayda, Caitlyn Deaver, Jenna Hickey, Marisa
Hurst, Adrianne Milea, Caroline Pedrotti, Isabelle Tracy, and Haley
Winks; and
WHEREAS, The success of the West Genesee Marching Band is due in great
part to the dedicated efforts of Band Director Michael Stachnik, and his
outstanding staff, as well as the constant encouragement and support of
family and community members; and

WHEREAS, The successful overall history of the West Genesee Marching
Band is impressive; the Marching Band has logged more than 30 state
championships, earned a number of national tournament honors and
performed in several NFL games; and
WHEREAS, The West Genesee Marching Band shared noteworthy attributes
on and off the field, as well as in competition; individually and
collectively, band members exhibited discipline, hard work, and good
sportsmanship, demonstrating to themselves and to others that they have
an enviable combination of talent and character, which has reflected
favorably upon their school and on their community; now, therefore, be
RESOLVED, That this Legislative Body pause in its deliberations to
congratulate the West Genesee Marching Band upon the occasion of captur-
ing the 2012 New York State Field Band Competition Championship; and be
it further
RESOLVED, That copies of this Resolution, suitably engrossed, be tran-
smitted to members of the West Genesee Marching Band and Band Director
Michael Stachnik.


  • 25 / Jan / 2013
  • 29 / Jan / 2013
  • 29 / Jan / 2013

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Law Section:
Resolutions, Legislative


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