Establishes a Senate standing committee on infrastructure and capital investment, having 9 members

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SENATE RESOLUTION amending section 1 of Rule VIII of the Senate rules,
in relation to establishing a standing committee on infrastructure and
capital investment

RESOLVED, That section 1 of Rule VIII of the Senate rules is amended to
read as follows:
Section 1. There shall be the following standing committees which
shall serve and shall continue throughout the year:
To consist of thirty-seven Senators:
To consist of twenty-five Senators:
To consist of twenty-three Senators:
To consist of nineteen Senators:
Higher Education
To consist of seventeen Senators:
To consist of sixteen Senators:
To consist of thirteen Senators:
Crime Victims, Crime and Correction
Environmental Conservation
Cultural Affairs, Tourism, Parks and Recreation
Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs
To consist of eleven Senators:
Civil Service and Pensions
Commerce, Economic Development and Small Business
Energy and Telecommunications
Consumer Protection
Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities
Racing, Gaming and Wagering
To consist of nine Senators:
Housing, Construction and Community Development
Investigations and Government Operations
Local Government
To consist of six Senators:
Children and Families
Corporations, Authorities and Commissions
Social Services
Alcoholism and Drug Abuse
a. The Republican Conference Leader, the Democratic Conference Leader
and the Independent Democratic Conference Leader and their Deputies
shall be nonvoting ex-officio members of all standing committees of the
Senate of which they are not actual members. As far as practicable,
Senators shall be appointed to no more than seven standing committees.

b. Term limits for chairs and ranking members. No chair or ranking
member of a committee shall serve in such capacity longer than eight
consecutive years.
c. Conference membership of committees. The membership of all commit-
tees, unless otherwise provided by the act or resolution creating them,
shall be composed, as nearly as may be, of Majority Coalition and Demo-
cratic Conference members in the same proportion as the number of Major-
ity Coalition and Democratic Conference members in the Senate bears to
the total membership of the Senate.
For purposes of committee composition, in the event that the propor-
tion of Majority Coalition members would result in a fractional amount,
the number of Majority Coalition members shall be rounded up to the next
whole number. Furthermore, the total number of Independent Democratic
Conference members appointed to all committees shall be in the same
proportion, as nearly as may be, as the number of Independence Democrat-
ic Conference members in the Senate bears to the total membership of the
Senate. Further, in the case of an excused absence of any committee
member on either the Finance or the Rules Committee, the Conference
Leaders may designate an alternate member of the conference for meetings
of standing committees provided written notice is provided and accepted
by the Majority Coalition Leaders at least one hour prior to the
commencement of such committee meeting.
d. The provisions of the opening paragraph of this section and para-
graph c of this section relative to the proportional membership on
committees as well as the specific number of members to comprise each
committee may be amended by resolution adopted by a majority of members


  • 28 / Jan / 2013

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Law Section:
Resolutions, Senate


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