Niagara Falls - Senator Thompson delivers $300, 000 to Niagara River Greenway Commission

Antoine M Thompson

May 7, 2009

Niagara Falls, NY-  On Thursday, April 9 at 11:00am, NYS Senator Antoine M. Thompson held a press conference to announce funding for Niagara River Greenway Commission through the 2009 Environmental Protection Fund Budget.  Thompson was joined by Mayor Paul Dyster, Greenway Commission Chair Robert J. Kresse, Greenway Executive Director Robert Belue, Commission members, Niagara Falls City Council and Grand Island Supervisor Peter McMahon.

“The funding procured by Senator Thompson will enable the Commission to play a pro-active role in advancing the concept of the Niagara Greenway as a linear park extending from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario.  The Standing Committees of Erie and Niagara Counties operate independently of one another; however, they share a common purpose.  We look forward to providing a vital and constructive role both in promoting dialogue as well as assisting them in the implementation of their respective projects.  Indeed, we hope to see them as joint projects with growing public appreciation of the Greenway as a major gift to our Region,” stated Chairman Robert J. Kresse.

The Greenway Commission, established in 2004, coordinates the planning and development of a greenway of interconnected parks, river access points and waterfront trails along the Niagara River from Lake Erie at Buffalo to Lake Ontario at the site of historic Fort Niagara.  This funding from Senator Thompson is currently the only funding that the Niagara River Greenway Commission has received this year.

As Chair of the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee, Senator Thompson was in a key position this year to direct Environmental Protection Fund Waterfront Revitalization dollars to this local project.  According to Thompson “I took on the job of Environmental Conservation Committee Chair so I‘d be in a good position to get things done that impact the environment and quality of life for the residents of New York State.  Funding to make sure the Greenway is built in a coordinated and efficient fashion is a good example of my commitment to that goal.”