Monopoly Medicine

Eric T. Schneiderman

October 23, 2009

In the Albany Times Union, I published an op-ed with State Senator Neil Breslin about the ongoing health care reform debate. We argue that health care monopolies are the largest threat to containing health care costs, and that a public option is necessary to provide real choices for health care consumers. 

Currently, 94 percent of insurance markets in this country are highly concentrated.  Here in New York, radical insurance industry consolidations have led to a monopoly-like situation in many parts of the state, where one or two large corporations control the entire HMO market.  This anything-goes policy makes the health care system more inefficient and expensive for millions of New Yorkers.

To read our op-ed, click here.

We are at a critical moment in the efforts to reform our health care system.  As Congress enters the final days and weeks of negotiations, I urge you to contribute to this debate, and join me in calling for a public option. It is the best way to provide private insurers with a real incentive to improve care and reduce costs.