Nurse Practitioners of New York honor Senator Montgomery with a Lifetime Achievement Award for her tireless advocacy

Senator Velmanette Montgomery

October 31, 2017

Senator Montgomery's trailblazing commitment to public health issues is one of the hallmarks of her distinguished career.  On October 21, 2017, the Nurse Practitioners of New York recognized Senator Montgomery with a Lifetime Achievement Award for her tireless advocacy.

Senator Montgomery is a longstanding advocate for the Nurse Practitioner profession. Starting with the landmark legislation introduced by Senator Tarki Lombardi, a Republican, and Senator Montgomery (a Democrat), it authorized the title and scope of NP Practice in NYS.  Before that time, hundreds of NPs practiced without legal protections. In 2010, she sponsored legislation to allow NPs to sign death certificates, which is now enshrined in law. She introduced a bill to allow independent practice for NPs and wholehearted supported the NP Modernization Act. Every year, Senator Montgomery hosts NPNY members and NP students in Albany by providing information on legislation and a space to meet. 

Throughout her service in the New York Senate, Senator Montgomery has been a leading voice on health issues. Senator Montgomery is the original sponsor of legislation to legalize needle exchange programs and spearheaded the campaign to stem the spread of AIDS among intravenous drug users. She sponsored a bill, now law, that prohibits employers from discriminating in the granting of funeral or bereavement leave to its employees who are in a committed same-sex relationship.  The Senator authored the law banning female genital mutilation in New York State. She is also leading the fight to expand school based health centers throughout the state where nurse practitioners and medical staff ensure young people have access to comprehensive health, mental health, vision and dental services. 

Senator Mongomery’s lifelong dedication to quality health care and caring for people who need a helping hand made it easy for Nurse Practitioners of New York to decide to award her a Life Time Achievement Award.  


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