Senator Montgomery urges Legislative Leaders to Pass the Reproductive Health Act (S2796/A1748) and Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act (S3668/A1378).

Senator Montgomery writes to Legislative Leaders in the New York State Senate to urge their support  for two critical pieces of legislation that would strengthen New York State laws to protect women’s access to healthcare and codify access to reproductive health services for all New Yorkers: the Reproductive Health Act (S2796/A1748) and Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act (S3668/A1378). 

Access to healthcare is vital to all of our constituents, many of whom work every single day and still struggle to cover premiums. co-payments and deductibles. But when this access is threatened, it is women who bear the burden most. We are fortunate to have organizations like Planned Parenthood that provide women with services regardless of their ability to pay.
However, women should not be placed in a position where something as simple as contraception is out of reach.

The legislative process has an advantage by providing the permanency that regulations lack and addresses the urgency of this issue in the way the constitutional amendment process cannot.

Given the ongoing attempts to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act and the issuance of Executive Orders that undermine a women’s access to health care, it is critical for New York State to take immediate action to pass the Reproductive Health Act (S2796/A1748) and Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act (S3668/A1378).


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