MTA Sustainability Advisory Workgroup Report

The MTA will need serious infusions of revenue to address ongoing issues.

Click here to download the full MTA Sustainability Workgroup report: 

The Metropolitan Transportation Sustainability Advisory Workgroup (“the Workgroup”) was established in the fiscal year 2019 New York state Enacted Budget for the purpose of highlighting issues and recommending actions, where possible, that state and local government could take to deal with the multiple challenges confronting the transportation system upon which the New York metropolitan region depends. The Workgroup included appointees of the governor, the state Legislature, the New York City mayor, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and the New York state and New York City Departments of Transportation. Its charge was to explore regional transportation needs, including excess traffic congestion, and to suggest new sources of sustainable funding that will be required to stabilize, modernize and expand the region’s public transit system.