Protect and Serve: Become a New York State Correctional Officer

Senator Patty Ritchie

October 18, 2018

Senator Ritchie's Weekly Column

New York State’s 48th Senate District is home to five state prisons. Standing guard inside of these facilities are some of the most dedicated, hardworking and brave people in New York State. Correctional officers are public servants who, despite the tense and dangerous conditions, put their own safety on the line to maintain order in our prisons, keeping us all safer. 

As a member of the New York State Senate’s Standing Committee on Crime Victims, Crime and Correction, I am keenly aware of the challenges of the job. However, while the career can be dangerous, it can also be rewarding. 

That’s why I wanted to highlight the fact the New York State Department of Civil Service will soon be hosting a statewide correctional officer’s examination.

The exam will be held on February 2nd, 2019, but the deadline to sign up is December 12th, 2018.  I highly encourage anyone who has considered a career in corrections to sign up as soon as possible.

The application and more information on the exam can be found on the New York State Department of Civil Service website at or by calling (518) 457-9375. You can also visit the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision website at

If you are hardworking, dedicated and seeking a rewarding career, I hope you will consider joining the ranks of our state’s correctional officers or share this information with someone you think might fit in well with the thousands of officers helping to protect and serve New York State and its people.