Joint Committee Report on Examination of Parole Issues

Patrick Gallivan

January 17, 2019

New York State Senate

The New York Senate Standing Committee on Crime Victims, Crime and Correction and the Standing Committee on Elections conducted two public hearings in October of 2018 to examine the State’s compliance with current parole standards of release and the Governor’s Executive Order granting parolees conditional pardons so that they could register to vote.

The committees evaluated both issues, in-depth, separately and apart when possible. Moreover, the committees heard testimony from a wide range of stakeholders including a former member of the parole board, representatives of schools and parole officers, and advocates for parolee rights as well as received written testimony. The feedback gleaned was instrumental in the committees’ efforts to formulate recommendations.

We extend our thanks to all those who participated.  To access the final report, click on the link at the top of the page.