Make this Summer One for the Books

Senator Patty Ritchie

June 13, 2019

Senator Ritchie's 2019 Summer Reading Program
Senator Ritchie’s Weekly Column


With the end of the school year in sight, students across Central and Northern New York are getting excited about summer vacation.  However, just because classes end, that should not mean the learning does.

Reading just 10 minutes a day during summer vacation has proven to greatly help students as they enter the new school year.  That is why I am hosting a special program to reward students for opening up their books, and their imaginations, this summer.

By clicking here, families can register for the New York State Senate’s Summer Reading Program.  This year’s theme is ‘A Universe of Stories’. There, students can track their reading, keep on online journal of their progress and even share it with others.  When students have completed the journal, they will receive a special Summer Reading Certificate.

This program is also a tremendous opportunity for students to be introduced, or encouraged to continue to use their local public library.  In my time with the New York State Senate, I have been proud to work to ensure these learning centers have the resources to provide their community, and children, with the books, technology and programs they need. 

In addition, there is also a fun website,, which offers suggestions on what books are most popular for students in each grade.  It also provides users with access to “myOn,” a digital library with more than 6,000 books for students of all ages.  Children are able to download up to 20 books at a time and read them offline. 

Each year, more than two million students across New York State participate in this program. If your family has school-aged children, I hope you will take part in this effort to enhance literacy, expand horizons and ensure students get off to the best start when they return to school in the fall.