National Grid to Lift Natural Gas Moratorium Immediately for Customers in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island

National Grid

November 26, 2019

National Grid

National Grid today announced that it has reached an agreement with the State of New York to immediately resume connecting natural gas service to customers in Brooklyn, Queens and on Long Island for approximately the next two years. National Grid will therefore proceed to connect those customer applications put on hold due to the moratorium and start processing all new applications. In addition, National Grid will offer $7 million in customer assistance to address hardships as a result of the moratorium.

For months, National Grid has been working to identify new, innovative and unprecedented solutions to safely and reliably serve customers this winter and next and has agreed to a plan with the State that includes:

  • Significantly enhanced demand response;
  • Energy efficiency programs to reduce the demand for natural gas at peak times;
  • And increasing reliance on portable compressed natural gas.

National Grid has also agreed to $8 million for new energy efficiency, gas conservation measures designed to relieve stress on the system and reduce peak-day gas usage during this two-year period.

To accelerate ongoing efforts to scale affordable renewable energy technologies to meet the State’s long-term energy supply needs, National Grid will invest $20 million in clean energy projects and businesses in New York.

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