Senator Velmanette Montgomery and other Elected Officials of Brooklyn Urge the Governor to designate adequate Census Funding for Brooklyn


Senator Montgomery, joined by numerous members of Congress, the State Legislature and City Council, all representing Brooklyn, have called on the Governor to earmark at least $4 Million out of the Census funding provided in the Fiscal budget, solely for the Borough of Brooklyn. Being the biggest borough in New York City, Brooklyn arguable has the largest population of any borough or county in the state. 

An undercount in Brooklyn would have a tremendously negative impact on the daily lives of all Brooklynites. It would affect Billions of dollars in funding for federal aid programs and programs that many of our neighbors need like Section 8 and SNAP benefits. In addition to that, many Neighborhoods in Brooklyn are already deemed "hard to count" by local and federal non-profit organizations. Furthermore, making this dedicated funding stream solely for Brooklyn is in the best interest of the people. 

For more information on the letter sent to the Governor, click here.