Senator Jessica Ramos Issues Statement On Governor Cuomo’s Judiciary Committee Nominations

“Three out of four of Governor Cuomo’s judiciary committee nominations for the New York State Court of Claims unfortunately, but not surprisingly, lack in diversity. Not a single Latinx or Asian judge is among these nominees, further perpetuating the historical exclusion of these groups from these positions. Right now, we have an opportunity to rebuild public trust and address systemic racism from the top down by ensuring qualified, diverse judges have an equal chance at contributing to and improving New York’s justice system. Organizations like the South Asian and Indo-Caribbean Bar Association of Queens, Latino Lawyers Association of Queens County, and the Asian American Bar Association of New York all present talented candidates who are well-equipped to serve on the Court of Claims. Given their disproportionately low representation as seated judges in New York, Governor Cuomo must present more diverse nominees. These judges will play an integral role in ensuring the State and its respective authorities are held accountable when sued. The governor’s nominees do not reflect the diverse populations that they will serve and I will not idly stand by when we have many qualified professionals across New York to select from.”