New York State Senator Leroy Comrie February 2020 District Office Service Report


The information contained in this document is based on a compilation of the previously submitted weekly glances and a thorough review of this month’s empirical data with regard to district office activity, as retrieved from sign-in sheets and phone logs. In addition, we have implemented tracking mechanisms, which reflect upon other ongoing activities such as projects, events, and hosting community meetings, amongst other things.

The total number of people serviced by the District Office for the month of January covering February 3rd to February 28th (20 operating days) was: 591.[1]

The total approximate number of phone calls fielded by the District Office for the month of January covering February 3rd to February 28th (20 operating days) was: 2,627[2]

Enclosed you will find details identifying specific services the District Office staff rendered, as well as additional third party services that the Senator’s District Office staff helps facilitate.




Case Assistance




Senator Meetings




General Inquiries/ Miscellaneous


Appointments with Staff


Re-usable Bags


Unidentified Purpose


**There was a 60% drop month to month in the amount of walk-ins that did not record why they visited the office.

The Senator’s Office held 3 Community Events:

 Caucus Weekend Bus Trip: February 14th, Know Your Rights Forum: February 26th, Free Income Tax Preparation: February 27th  

This number is a reflection of the activity from each day. For the purposes of tracking the activity, the same person can be counted twice if they received service on 2 separate days. 591 is not necessarily 591 distinct individuals.

The Senator’s Office Hosted 1 Community Organization’s meeting in the District Office:

Veterans Advisory Committee

The Senator’s Office Facilitated 3 Third Party Services:

Home Energy Assistance Program help, Foreclosure Legal Assistance, The Dental Van





The case breakdown section is meant to track the patterns of the types of case that are being handled by the District Office Staff. As the system for logging the information moves closer to 100 percent efficiency where all matters are being logged in, the office will have a more accurate picture of the case trends.


Staff Traffic

Staff Traffic is meant to gauge and track where constituents are being sent once they are in the DO seeking service. These are beginning numbers as the Google sheets has a section to indicate where constituents are being sent. The numbers are not 100 percent accurate as the system is still being improved to have all elements of the sheet filled out.

Year to Date

The District Office has handled 1,074 individuals coming into the office.

The District Office has fielded 4,673 calls coming into the office


The foregoing February report is again a snap shot of the work the District Office handles throughout the month. Please note that the data presented does not represent 100 percent capture of all of the people who engage with the office; we are continuing to work towards getting closer to 100 percent capture. The true numbers in contrast to the numbers reflected here are likely higher.  The data is additionally not inclusive of email correspondence that the office receives that is distributed to the staff to follow up with, along with cases that come from the community directly to staff or as a follow up from a community meeting attended, and direct assignments from managerial staff. Staff are also working on their individual project areas of expertise or assignments to further disseminate information, provide events and resources to the community, and to further the Senator’s legislative and district agenda.

Albany traffic and activity was not included in this report.

I hope that you find the information relevant to your review of overall progress at the District Office. As always, please feel free to discuss any of the items with me should you need additional details.

Respectfully Submitted.