Your Voice, Your Opportunity

Senator Patty Ritchie

February 14, 2020

Senator Ritchie’s Weekly Column
Senator Ritchie’s Weekly Column

As the 2020 Legislative Session continues, the New York State Legislature will consider a number of important issues that affect the lives of all New Yorkers. As lawmakers do so, it is critically important that you—the people we serve—make your voices heard. 

That is what I am seeking to do through my annual “Legislative Survey.” This 14-question survey seeks your opinion on a number of topics being debated in Albany, including:

  • New bail reform laws;
  • Proposals to legalize recreational marijuana;
  • Legislation regarding Second Amendment rights; 
  • The Governor’s proposal to close correctional facilities with 90 days notice;
  • The state budget gap—and how to close it; and
  • What changes can be made to improve life in New York State, among others.


The feedback you provide will be invaluable as I continue to see that your voice is heard. To participate in my survey, click here. With just a few minutes of your time, you can let me know how you feel about major issues our state is set to consider. 

The only way we can improve life for those in our region is if we all make our thoughts and opinions heard. I encourage you to do so by taking part in my Legislative Survey and thank you in advance for providing your feedback.