Senate Standing Committee on Children and Families - 01/21/20

On January 21, 2020 Senator Velmanette Montgomery in her capacity as Chair of the Senate Children and Families Committee is holding the First Committee Meeting of the year.  

On the committee's agenda:

  • S.222-B introduced by Sen. Benjamin (D-Harlem) Relates to the reporting of unaccompanied alien children by the department of social services
  • S.753-A introduced by Sen. Montgomery (D-Brooklyn) Directs the office of children and family services to study, make recommendations on and report on child day care and the availability of funding therefor
  • S.3186-A introduced by Sen. Kennedy (D-Buffalo) Establishes "Brendan's law"; requires cordless window coverings in child day care centers and certain other facilities
  • S.4074 introduced by Sen. Biaggi (D-Bronx) Changes the maximum age at which a homeless youth can continue to receive shelter services from 21 to age 24.
  • S.6023 introduced by Sen. Serrano (D-Harlem) Relates to the provision of criminal history background checks free of charge to mentoring programs operated by not-for-profit corporations.
  • S.6214 introduced by Sen. Montgomery (D-Brooklyn) Relates to adjournments in contemplation of dismissal and suspended judgments in child protective proceedings in the family court