$35 Million Available to Help Struggling Restaurants!

Andrew J. Lanza

August 6, 2021

Restaurant Return To Work Tax Credit

Our food service industry was devastated by the coronavirus pandemic. Restaurants are in urgent need of state support and staff. I’m pleased to announce that help is available.

Restaurant owners can apply for assistance through the Restaurant Return-to-Work Tax Credit. This $35 million program provides an incentive to COVID-impacted restaurants to help bring restaurant staff back-to-work and help increase hiring at establishments statewide.

Qualifying businesses are eligible for a tax credit of $5,000 per new worker hired, for a total of up-to $50,000 per business. Restaurants located in New York City, or in an area outside of New York City that was designated an Orange or Red Zone for at least thirty consecutive days are eligible to apply.

I strongly urge our restaurant owners to take advantage of this funding. To learn more about the eligibility requirements and apply for this tax credit, visit https://esd.ny.gov/restaurant-return-work-tax-credit