New York State Independent Redistricting Commission Hearing

July 26, 2021

New York State Independent Redistricting Commission Hearing

In 2014, New Yorkers took power away from politicians and put it in their own hands with the promise of independent redistricting.

constitutional amendment creating a commission to decide New York's Legislative and Congressional redistricting was approved by the voters, and it ensured that no region of the state, special interest, or political party gained an unfair advantage in the redistricting process.

Staten Islanders will have the chance to make their voices heard on Thursday, July 29th, to give their input to the Independent Redistricting Commission.

Through a series of hearings, any group, community, or individual may submit testimony, either virtually or through the commission's website at

This is no time to stay on the sidelines and watch. New York's future hinges in the balance, and it is up to you to make sure that your voice is heard. I encourage all of you to participate and take an active role in deciding how you wish to have New York's electoral districts re-drawn.

Sign up to participate in the IRC's virtual hearings at or submit your comments at any time via the commission's public comment page at