Democrats Continue to Empower Governor with Sham "Revocation" Bill

Sen. Daphne Jordan

March 04, 2021

Unchecked powers continue

There’s a crisis in our state.

Governor Cuomo is the subject of a federal investigation for covering up 15,000 deaths in our nursing homes. Now, the state Attorney General is investigating two credible, detailed allegations of sexual harassment and a third victim has spoken up. The Governor should not and cannot be trusted with his expanded emergency powers and it’s long since past time for the Legislature to revoke them.

The “revocation” touted by Senate Democrats is a sham that does nothing to restore the Legislature’s powers and rein in this out-of-control Governor. In fact, they did the opposite and drafted this bill in conjunction with him and got his approval before acting. Instead of removing his expanded powers, they removed their April 30th sunset date, essentially extending the Governor’s total control indefinitely.

The fact that Governor Cuomo himself, during his press conference, supported this measure and said it changes nothing is all you need to know about how the Senate Democrats are responding. They don’t want the responsibility of navigating our state through the coronavirus pandemic. They don’t want to be the ones to check a Governor that has rapidly lost the trust of New Yorkers through his shameful treatment of women and his constant lies and cover-ups. They don’t want to do what must be done for our hardworking men and women and hold this Governor accountable.

We know Governor Cuomo has no shame. It’s clear that Senate Democrats don’t either.

By continuing to back the Governor, the Senate Democrats have sent a message that one party rule is really one person rule.