Late Budget 2022-2023

April 06, 2022

Late Budget

Dear Friend,

New Yorkers deserve and expect an on-time budget. But the state budget is now five days late – and everyday citizens are no closer to knowing the details of this out-of-control spending plan. This year’s budget process has been criticized for its secrecy, which says something for Albany.

Sadly, this is what we get under One-Party-Rule in our state. Albany’s Ruling Class is negotiating hundreds of billions of our tax dollars behind closed doors while the public remains in the dark.

New Yorkers deserve better. We deserve a fiscally responsible, open, on-time budget. It is beyond clear that we must restore balance, accountability and common sense to our state government.

I will continue to be your voice throughout this process and fight to enact common sense policies that better the lives of all New Yorkers: restoring public safety, tackling affordability, protecting freedom, and improving educational and economic opportunities.



Senator, 24th District