Investigation Update: Skoufis Receives Utilities Documents

Senator James Skoufis reviews document and information submissions by utilities, power providers, and stakeholders in his Albany office as part of an ongoing Senate probe he's leading into utility price hikes

As part of the ongoing State Senate investigation into skyrocketing utility prices, Senator James Skoufis (D-Hudson Valley) shared he is in receipt of hundreds of pages of responses to his committee's information and document requests. 
All utilities, power producers, and regulators that the committee solicited answers from have submitted responses; Senator Skoufis, as chair of the Senate Investigations and Government Operations Committee, and his team are in the process of reviewing the documents. A final report and legislative recommendations will be released upon the conclusion of the investigation.
Senator Skoufis provided the following statement:

“Our committee remains laser-focused on uncovering any wrongdoing or negligence related to surge pricing, billing system errors, and the state’s action – or lack thereof – as utility regulators. New Yorkers continue to receive unsustainable and, frankly, shocking home energy bills, and we can’t let these utilities run roughshod over our wallets without asking the tough questions. If there was any foul play, we owe it to constituents to hold those bad actors accountable and make meaningful changes to state law that will ensure this never happens again.”