Albany Democrats Will Tax Everything, Everywhere, All At Once

Andrew J. Lanza

March 22, 2023

New York State Senate
Senator Lanza is fighting to stop the tax on digital streaming services

Is there nothing Albany Democrats won’t try to tax? This year, the Assembly Democrat’s one-house budget includes a proposal to tax digital subscription streaming media services as well as a fee for delivery services. Where will the revenue from this new tax go? To fund the failing MTA of course! 

The plan would add a 4% state sales tax and an additional 4% local sales tax on digital streaming products, including TV services, audiobooks, podcasts, online gaming, and music. As if that wasn’t enough, the Assembly wants to apply a twenty-five cent fee to every delivery transaction in the state, which would apply to both online and in-store purchases. 

New Yorkers rely on their streaming services for entertainment, and I, along with my colleagues in the Senate Republican Conference, strongly oppose this tax on digital subscription services. The Democrats have gone too far this time, what will they try to tax next?

I OPPOSE the Assembly Majority’s proposed tax on digital streaming services!