The Green Gateway Project

Village of Marcellus

July 31, 2023

Green Gateway Pedestrian Bridge

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One part of the Green Gateway project involves the construction of a pedestrians-only footbridge, crossing the creek from school property to the lower mill site, which is now owned by the Village. A pedestrian steel bridge, 85’ length x 6’ width, placed on concrete abutments, would create an easy and safe manner for students to cross directly from the campus to the outdoor classroom. The process, which started in 2021, to acquire and install the bridge began with a request for funding from our NYS Senator, John Mannion, who helped to secure a State and  Municipal (SAM) capital project  grant of $180,000. After soil testing, design and survey, excavation and foundation work followed, and installation took place in mid-July, utilizing a crane and the many efforts of Village DPW and Town Highway workers. The bridge is one more excellent example of intermunicipal cooperation between the Village, the Town, and the Marcellus School District.