Sen. Mannion: Need workers? EmployAbility can bridge the workforce gap

Senator John W. Mannion via

October 23, 2023

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To the Editor:

As Central New York readies for the growth of the semiconductor industry, we need to continue meeting the workforce demands of today while we position ourselves for tomorrow.

I’ve approached the workforce issue holistically by providing over $4 million to support MACNY’s successful apprenticeship programs, ensuring our community colleges and four-year schools have the resources they need to build a career pipeline for students, and now through the new EmployAbility program which I am proud to have created.

This innovative solution has two goals — to help businesses across all sectors meet their workforce needs while bridging the gap with a talented pool of workers who happen to have a disability.

Employees with disabilities often exhibit remarkable loyalty, reducing turnover rates. These employees have lower absenteeism rates and often fill in for co-workers, showcasing their reliability. Employees with disabilities bring a can-do attitude and high motivation to the workplace.

Through the EmployAbility Program, job candidates can be trained to each businesses’ specifications, reducing onboarding time and overhead costs. The EmployAbility Program also offers financial incentives and tax credits, making it an even more attractive option for businesses.


I believe hiring individuals with disabilities is a smart business decision. The unemployment rate within the disabilities community is unacceptably high. With a clear need for more workers, participating in the EmployAbility Program will help build a more inclusive, diverse, and successful business community in Central New York and across the state.

Sen. John W. Mannion


Chairman, Senate Disabilities Committee

New York State Senate