Statement from Senator Stec on the 2024 State Budget

Daniel G. Stec

April 20, 2024

“Time and again, I’ve said that the budget is a reflection of the priorities and values of our state government. And it’s clear that this year’s enacted state budget shows that Governor Hochul and Democrat legislative leaders’ priorities are not the needs of our working class families and seniors. The plan they pushed through with next-to-no time for public vetting or input will only make it more difficult for New Yorkers to afford living and working in our state.

“This year’s budget comes in at $237 billion, an $8 billion increase from last year. Even at that bloated number, it somehow manages to shortchange our families and business on the issues that matter most.

“Rather than take major steps to protect vulnerable seniors and nursing homes or make essential fixes to the broken, unpopular Tier 6 pension system, the governor and majority parties made token gestures toward correcting these longstanding problems. While the ‘hold harmless’ provision for our school aid has been restored in this enacted budget, state school aid funding is flat. Given rising costs due to inflation and high taxes, this will make it harder for our schools to operate.

“Instead of providing funding to these vital programs and services, they’re shelling out $2.4 billion and offering free health care to illegal immigrants. While our families, health care facilities, EMS services and seniors are expected to do more with less, Democrat leaders are funneling tax dollars towards a crisis they created with their own failed sanctuary city policies.

“Much will be and has been said about the housing and ‘Good Cause’ eviction policies included in the budget. These will not accomplish the necessary goal of expanding affordable housing. They’re an affront to the rights of property owners and are a slippery slope toward enacting a socialist housing agenda in the years to come.

“While there are certainly several items funded by this budget that I’m pleased with, it is far too expensive overall, contains a lot of bad policy and does nothing to improve public safety.  It places criminals and illegal immigrants ahead of law-abiding taxpayers’ interests and will ultimately continue our state’s long-term, ongoing outmigration woes.”