AccessCNY awarded $200,000 in state grants to enhance services

Senator John W. Mannion

January 25, 2024

A local organization that supports people with disabilities in Onondaga County has received a $200,000 state grant to support community needs. AccessCNY will be using $100,000 to offer mental health services for children. Executive Director Paul Joslyn says the pandemic years also caused a greater awareness about the mental health needs of those with disabilities.

“This grant is critically important for us. People with a developmental disability are five times more likely to have a mental health diagnosis or issue. And that is a really unique situation. Cause a lot of time you’re dealing with someone who has limited ability to communicate what their concerns are or what the sources of their issues are.”

AccessCNY plans to hire a licensed clinical social worker to support a new mental health counseling program for children. The grants were secured by State Senator John Mannion. Another 100-thousand dollars will go toward making upgrades at managed housing including the installation of power generators.

“When I look at what AccessCNY has prioritized and fortunately that we were able to deliver on, there are things that resonate with everyone. They go yeah, I’m worried about losing power because I might be oxygen or something else. And well all know individuals, cause it’s ourselves included that are in a mental health, maybe not a crisis but, a mental health challenge.”

Mannion currently serves as the chair of the Senate’s Committee on Disabilities.