Senator Luis Sepúlveda Announces Landmark Successes in Crime Prevention and Housing with the 2024-2025 State Budget

Rusking Pimentel

April 26, 2024

Sen Sepulveda

New York State Senator Luis Sepúlveda

Bronx, NY, April 25, 2024 — I am thrilled to announce the approval of the 2024-2025 New York State Budget, which totals $237 billion. This budget targets crucial areas such as crime, housing, and healthcare, and it plays a vital role in supporting essential services throughout the Bronx and across New York State. 

With focused dedication and collective resolve, my colleagues in the legislature and I have crafted a budget that directly confronts our most pressing community issues, ensuring sustainable development for our neighborhoods. This year, we have prioritized legislation that not only protects but also empowers our residents, paving the way for a safer and more prosperous New York. 


Key Legislation in the 2024-2025 Budget: 


Strengthening Community Safety and Housing: We have included crucial legislation to enhance safety and security within our communities. This includes introducing stricter penalties for assaults on retail workers, underscoring our commitment to protecting those in vulnerable working conditions. We have also strengthened property rights and simplified the removal of squatters to ensure stable and secure housing environments. Furthermore, regulating illegal cannabis operations marks a significant step toward safeguarding public health and maintaining order. 


Advancements in Health and Building Safety: This year’s budget eliminates cost-sharing for insulin, significantly reducing healthcare expenses for diabetes patients and enhancing their access to necessary treatments. Additionally, we mandated a study on single-exit residential buildings to ensure that future building codes meet the highest standards of resident safety in emergency situations. 


Strategic Community Funding: Significant funds have been allocated to vital community organizations, including a substantial amount to the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), which will dramatically improve the living conditions for thousands of residents in my district. We are also supporting legal service providers to ensure tenants' rights are protected, with funding exceeding $144 million in total. These investments are crucial for enriching and elevating our community services. 


As we celebrate these legislative achievements and strategic allocations, I remain committed to advancing policies that have a real and positive impact on the lives of all New Yorkers. Together, we are building a stronger, safer, and more vibrant community for everyone.