A New Hope for the Empire State

a new hope for NY
2024 Agenda Report - A Plan to Increase Affordability, Improve Public Safety, and Build a Greater New York

Over the last five years, New Yorkers have had a front-row seat to what unaccountable government looks like. One-party control has made New York increasingly unaffordable. Residents feel unsafe and are unsure that things will get better in the future. Far too many New Yorkers have looked at this sad reality and decided the only option was to leave the state for somewhere they can make a better life for their families.

The New York Senate Republican Conference has a plan to bring accountability to state government and fight every day to give New Yorkers the State they deserve. A place that is more affordable, where they can feel safe. A greater New York where they have the opportunity to build a better and brighter life for themselves and their families.

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