Staff Analysis of the FY 2025 Executive Budget

Thomas F. O'Mara

January 23, 2024

The WhiteBook

Enclosed herewith is the “Staff Analysis of the FY 2025 Executive Budget.”  It is intended to assist the members of the Finance Committee and the Senate as a whole, in our deliberations. We hope that our readers find it useful.

The analysis of the Executive Budget begins with a summary of the spending plan. It then offers an explanation of proposed changes that affect receipts and provides for Senate Issues in Focus. Finally, it provides a summary of the Executive’s Article VII language bills submitted as part of the Executive Budget. The report provides an analysis of the appropriations recommended this year and an analysis of the governor’s recommendations.

Each member of the Senate Finance Committee devotes considerable time and effort to the passage of a budget that serves the interest of every New Yorker. I am most grateful for their cooperation. It is also a pleasure to thank the staffs of both the Senate Finance Committee, and the Counsel and Program Office, whose assistance has been invaluable.



Ranking Member, Finance

Staff Analysis of the FY 2025 Executive Budget