Share's New York State Ovarian Cancer Toll-free Hotline Is Up And Running!

Andrew J Lanza

SHARE is a 30-year old not-for-profit organization that provides a peer-led supportive network and community of women and men affected by breast or ovarian cancer. SHARE’s work includes support, education, and advocacy in the struggle for access to quality health care, improved treatments and finding the cure for these diseases.

SHARE’s New York State Ovarian Cancer Toll-Free Hotline is up and running! The hotline provides peer support and access to statewide, regional and local resources to women diagnosed with ovarian cancer or those with suspicious symptoms. For information, support, and the opportunity to discuss questions and options with another survivor in New York State, dial:

SHARE New York State Ovarian Cancer Toll-Free Hotline:
1-866-53SHARE (1-866-537-4273)