Senator Skelos' Biotech Development And Job Creation Initiative

Dean G. Skelos

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"Senator Skelos' historic biotech program will give our region's research centers the state-of-the-art facilities they need to make landmark discoveries and the business assistance necessary to turn these advances into new jobs."

- Bruce Stillman, Ph.D., FRS
Director and CEO - Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Biotech Island: A $71.5 Million Investment In Long Island's Biotech Industry

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

A new, $35 million Bioinformatics Research Center will be constructed at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. When coupled with the recently-completed Genomics Research Center on the Woodbury Campus, this next-generation facility will integrate bioinformatics and genetic research and further the ongoing gene discovery program. During the past year, 14 new cancer genes have been identified and the Bioinformatics Research Center will extend the computational analysis of these advances to formulate new treatments and foster drug development. NYS Share: $20 million

North Shore-Long Island Jewish Research Institute

In 2001, the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Research Institute ranked 14th in the nation among independent research centers receiving federal funding. Through a $4.6 million expansion, the Research Institute's Neurosciences Center of Excellence will purchase a state-of-the-art 3.0T Ultra High Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging Unit and build a new structure to house the unit. This will enhance its ability to research and analyze brain disorders and obtain federal funding. NYS Share: $3.5 million

Broad Hollow Bioscience Park at SUNY Farmingdale

A new, $20 million incubator will be located at the Broad Hollow Bioscience Park at SUNY Farmingdale. Anchored by OSI Pharmaceuticals (founded at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory), this facility will provide low-cost laboratory and commercial space for start-up biotechnology companies. This addresses the most prohibitive obstacle for such firms, while allowing collaborations with area research institutions/personnel and facilitating the development of a local biotechnology "cluster". NYS Share: $20 million

Institute for the Development of Education in the Advance Sciences (IDEAS Center) at Hofstra University

Hofstra University will construct a new, $10 million IDEAS Center to improve its education curriculum. Specifically, it will provide future teachers specializing in engineering and the computer sciences with access to modern equipment—enabling them to prepare K-12 students for college and 21st Century careers in the life sciences, biotechnology and other high-tech fields. Also, the IDEAS Center will offer continuing education programs for current teachers and encourage K-12 students to pursue these areas of study. NYS Share: $3 million

Long Island Center for Excellence in K-12 Science and Biology Education at Molloy College

Molloy College will complete a $1.9 million upgrade of its laboratories and enhance its education program for future K-12 science teachers. In addition, Molloy College and Hofstra University will develop an integrated approach to meet the growing shortage of science and technology teachers in Long Island's schools. NYS Share: $1.5 million

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