Bipartisan Senate Operating Proposal

James L. Seward

ALBANY, 06/24/09 -- Senator James L. Seward (R/C/I-Oneonta) said today it has become apparent that in order to move forward with the business of the people, the issue of senate leadership must be definitively settled.

"The members of the bipartisan reform coalition have agreed to seek binding arbitration to end the confusion in the senate and ensure proceedings will move forward in a lawful and orderly fashion," said Seward. "I am confident the leadership vote taken on June 8th will stand and the senate reform coalition, along with groundbreaking reforms approved by the coalition, will be upheld."

Senate President Pedro Espada Jr. and Majority Leader Dean Skelos said today that the bipartisan operating agreement offered by the senate reform coalition, as well as an offer for binding arbitration, is the best way to resolve the leadership dispute and establish a reasonable and fair way to run the senate in the short term and long term.