State Funding For Our Senate District (senate Initiative Funding)

Requests for Senate Initiative funding conclude each January 1 for the next year's State budget (the State fiscal year runs from April 1 through the next March 31).    Municipalities and not for profit corporations are eligible to apply for funding.  Projects most likely to be funded include requests for capital assistance (building construction/equipment purchase) in amounts of $10,000 or less, for specific purposes.  Fire, Police, and Emergency Medical Services are priority projects, as well as projects for municipal programs.  Agencies and municipalities which have previously received, but failed to timely spend Senate Initiative Funding or capital grant funding, will be given a lower priority. 

Attached as a PDF is the current list of "member item" grants authorized by Senator Bonacic for our Senate District.

Copies of prior years grants dating to 2006 are available upon request by emailing Senator Bonacic at